About Us

FXTime is a well reputed online trading company, which has been serving in the market for about 10 years. FXTime was founded in the years Bitcoin appeared and it is staying in the market providing financial services for traders with the highest standards.

We have an outstanding team of account managers, which assist our customers in different groups. Traders are organized in small groups, according to their knowledge, experience and goals.

FXTime is a trusted, reliable trading online company, which counts millions of active traders in the platforms. Trading on MetaTrader 4 and Web Trader help us to manage, assist and support our traders better. You can activate your account with a minimum of $250, as open your trades as low as $20.

What makes us successful is our deep sense of understanding what our customers need. Offering different account types, in the first place, enables traders to start with a low capital. Not two traders want to start the same. The technology, apps, the speed of trades execution is unbeatable.

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One decade in the market

Take advantage of the experts of trading online, providing you the best trading techniques, tips and tricks and trading environment.

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Transparent trading conditions

The technology comes together with transparent commissions. Starting from 0.0 Pips, trade with the advantage of counting on a reliable partner.

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Trade any asset you like

It doesn’t matter if you like trading currency pairs only, or stocks only. You can do whatever you want, trade assets individually, or create a basket of assets by populating your trading portfolio. We offer the expertise to trade how you want.